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Benfits of adjustable Tq Arm vs. fixed?

This is a discussion on Benfits of adjustable Tq Arm vs. fixed? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; other than price?...

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    Benfits of adjustable Tq Arm vs. fixed?

    other than price?

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    Every car is different and that means a set arm could be the wrong angle so therefore why not pay the little extra money to be able to adjust the pinion angle? Also if you change your suspension geometry (e.g. lowering springs) you will have to adjust the pinion angle then as well.

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    adj. allows to set the pinion angle.
    other things to consider is that some tq-arm have different lengths, some connected to the tranny, some to the chassis. the ones connected to the chassis are shorter in length.
    Note that a shorter tq-arm is good for acceleration (drag)
    Note that a longer tq-arm is good for braking... having a short tq-arm in braking is less efficient, and will bring massive wheel-hop on braking... worse than the wheel-hop you might experience on acceleration, since the the weight is transfered to the front and yo ualso allow for more suspension travel while like that.
    Both are great, but have their advantage/inconvenience... personally, i wouldn't go for a short tq-arm due to compromising braking performance... i'm not that much into drag-racing.
    Note that you can also have the best of both worlds, if you are willing to pay:
    Great proven setup... will act as a short TA when accelerating, and as a very long TA when braking.
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    The thing that's nice I think is that if you go with a Torque Arm that's shorter,it takes the stress off the back of the tranny. I just did my sfc' and adj t/a so I'll have too see if I take notice of any problems with braking. Mines located on the crossmember section of my sfc's. They're made by S&W racing.
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