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Anyone do your own alignment?

This is a discussion on Anyone do your own alignment? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; I'm doing my alignment for an upcoming trackday... Going to maximize camber, then caster, and probably do 0 on the ...

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    Anyone do your own alignment?

    I'm doing my alignment for an upcoming trackday... Going to maximize camber, then caster, and probably do 0 on the toe.

    I've got a couple of newbie questions... What bolts do you loosen to adjust camber... I did only the bolt on the lower suspension arm closest to the center of the car... And the caster is the bolt on the lower suspension closest to the center of the car and the back of the car?
    Any other bolts to loosen?

    I have both those mentioned loose, and am trying to bang on the suspension(tire off, on jack stand), to get the bottom suspension arm to come out,, make more negative camber, but it won't go to the extreme edge of the slot. I was just gently banging for now, but I thought I'd come check. Can you get the suspension arm all the way to the extreme in that slot,, or is something else stoping it?

    If anyone has any pics or a writeup for a camaro, i'd appreciate it.

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    Camber-Caster Adjustment Tool

    I checked the automotive repair manuals in my local library. They show an adjustment tool that is a turnbuckle that will push or pull the frame members to achieve the desired alignment. If you have some mechanical skills you should be able to make one. I do not have dimensions, but looking at the car should provide some clues.[/IMG]

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    i would put the tire back on to give you more leverage when trying to change the angles. To be honest i would just take it to a shop cause your gonna need to adjust toe if you change camber or caster. It sounds like you have the right bolts loosened up but it's hard to visulize. As for the tool it's not needed take some pb blaster spray all inside the bushing on the edges of it and spray the inside and outside of the bolt let it soak for awhile and use a prybar to help move the control arm. But like i stated you would be alot better off if you have a shop that does alignments take care of it since you toe angles will change.

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    DIY alignment not difficult

    It is not difficult to adjust the toe-in/toe-out yourself, but you must do it after setting the camber and caster. If you can get a copy of Hot Rod Magazine, November 2004 there is an excellent article explaining how to make your own fixtures and how to interpret the measurements (calculating caster for example). You can make all the fixtures for less than one trip to the shop.
    It is advisable to have a helper to make measurements while you tweak the bolts however.

    I built a push-pull tool for my Camaro using a turnbuckle from the hardware store with two bolts fastened through the eyes. I used a 3/8 turnbuckle but think a 1/2 inch would be stronger especially when pushing (mine bends a little).

    I have found that an electronic level from the hardware store works very well for measuring camber and caster angles. Look for one that will measure fractional angles near vertical. Mine measures to 0.1 degree resolution from 89-91 degrees, and I think to 0.5 degrees beyond that.

    Harbor Freight ( also sells various alignment gauges and even turnplates if you don't want to make your own.

    send me an e-mail and I will forward photos that I have.

    Bob Butcher

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