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Adjustable or non adjustable LCAs?

This is a discussion on Adjustable or non adjustable LCAs? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Rear Lower Control Arms Installation An oldie but a goodie....

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    Rear Lower Control Arms Installation

    An oldie but a goodie.

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    i was all over that site and couldnt find it...what the hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spikito View Post
    So I want to get LCAs soon, but as with most parts, theres adjustable, and non versions.

    what are so pros and cons of both?

    My main reason for getting them is to just stiffen up the suspension a little, cars a DD, nothing fancy
    Frankly for a DD I wouldn't bother. Just replace the bushings if they are worn with new rubber bushings. Don't get caught up in the flash of pretty powder coated tubular or boxed control arms. They are worthless on a daily driver, even a lowered one, and the poly bushed arms are worse than worthless. Poly is a poor bushing material in most every application on the f-body except tranny and motor mounts as it doesn't flex adequately to allow proper movement.

    The rotojoint and rod ended adjustable arms are nice for maximum articulation in autox (if it won't screw you in your classing), and for guys drag racing with big slicks it allows the wheels to be better centered front to rear in the wheel wells.

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    Aftermarket LCA's are considerably stronger by design than the stamped OEM LCA's. Considering that the LCA's are one of the sole components that transfer all of the car's power to the rear end to help plant the tires to the ground for traction, I find the statement "worthless" very misleading and untruthful.

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    Stock LCA's are plenty strong enough to handle the axial loads placed on them.

    The arms perform more than transfer of power to the ground. The arms must allow the axle to articulate when one wheel encounters a road irregularity, a bump, pothole, etc.. The joint selection is important, rubber deforms to accommodate translation. Something polyurethane has proven to do poorly. "Weak stamped steel" is a marketing phrase that gets parroted until believed to be true. Those unboxed pieces also allow additional deformation when the bushing can't give design. Look at the front lower control arms sold by UMI and BMR, There is a reason that caster bushing isn't polyurethane, the material does poorly in anything but pure rotation.

    Rear lower control arms that are boxed, or tubular, that have some type of bearing joint will work. Though they'll channel noise in to the cabin, and wear quickly on a car that sese rain and road grime (a daily driver). A fact I can speak to personally.

    For a daily driver you're better off sticking with fresh rubber bushings in the stock control arms.
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