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wondering what going on with trans

This is a discussion on wondering what going on with trans within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; i raced a mach 1 tonight.. i had a crappy launch and i bogd it and then my trans wouldnt ...

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    wondering what going on with trans

    i raced a mach 1 tonight.. i had a crappy launch and i bogd it and then my trans wouldnt go into 3rd so i was screw and got killed by the mach 1...after the race my trans wasnt letting me in reverse so i could go back and then it wasnt letting me in any gears. my trans only seems to do this when hot and getting beat on a little bit, its pissing me off but i was pissed i lost to the stang too

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    Its probably your clutch that it causing the issue. Some F-Body clutches don't disengage quicky enough when you try and shift fast, resulting in grinding and not being able to get into gear. I believe it gets worse when the clutch gets hot. The fix is known as the "drill mod", you can look it up under search, there are many articles on it.

    The other possibility is that your 3rd gear synchro is shot. It you try and slam it into 3rd quickly, the synchro can't keep up and it will grind and possibly not even let you get into gear. If you shift slowly and it goes right in, the problem is most likely the synchro.

    If you can't get into reverse, try shifting to 1st gear and then try reverse. Often times it will let you in, because the reverse lockout doesn't always disengage when you try and get into reverse from another gear or from neutral. If that doesn't do the trick, then there is more than likely something wrong with the trans.

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