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What is this noise?

This is a discussion on What is this noise? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I finally finished replacing my master and slave cylinders yesterday. Took it for a test drive, so far working great. ...

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    What is this noise?

    I finally finished replacing my master and slave cylinders yesterday. Took it for a test drive, so far working great. Laid a nice twin patch of rubber. Now I here a clicking sound (like a tapping lifter) from the tranny area. Not sure what it is or what is causing it.

    This is what I done:
    Bleed clutch - what a pain in the ass.
    Drained and replaced the tranny fluid with DEXTRON III ATF.
    Changed oil. Yes I filled oil back up and used 1 bottle M. Mystery oil, and 4.6 bottles Penzoil Platium (has 112k miles)
    ALSO did the drill mod - When you do this does the pressure in the clutch petal decrease some? Mine is not the same as before. Feels slightly easier than before, not sure if that is why or because I have new parts and fluid..

    It is only near the trans not near engine. As I rev up it doesn't increase in pitch, in fact exhuast drowns it out. It is the same in and out of gear and moving and not moving. I have also taken it on highway and drove 45 miles no prob.

    Is this normal? Maybe not enough tranny fluid? I filled till it started coming out.
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    Is something moving around or maybe something loose behind the bell housing?

    Probably not the actual trans, since changing the fluid doesn't do anything.

    that's a weird one, have a trans shop listen to it, maybe a second opinion.

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