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Transmission/shifting problems!!! Please help!

This is a discussion on Transmission/shifting problems!!! Please help! within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; okay, I have a 2000 Trans AM WS6 M6. It has 81,000 miles and I am the 3rd owner. Ok, ...

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    Transmission/shifting problems!!! Please help!

    okay, I have a 2000 Trans AM WS6 M6. It has 81,000 miles and I am the 3rd owner. Ok, I just got back from a trip from Texas and when I got there I was pulling off the highway and pushed the clutch in, took it out of gear and then releases the clutch and cruised down until I reached the speed limit. When I slowd down enough I pushed the clutch back in, had the same stiffness as it always does, and tried to put the stick in 5th wouldnt go i tried 6th...wouldnt go in...tried 4th!!! wouldnt go in! It would not go in any gear! I pulld over and the car came to a stop. i pumped the clutch a few times and tried it again. it went in 1st but was hard, same with the other gears when I shifted into them. it felt horrible! I left the car cool down for over a hour and then drove 3 hrs to Dallas. it seemed to be shifting better. And today it has been shifting like it was when I first got it, but now whenever i am at a complete stop and start to drive off in first is feels really bad like the e brake is on or something, its just a rough shaky take off. I dont know if this has anything to do with the clutch fluid or not, but if i am bout to race a guy or just take off fast while I am shifting at high RPM's the clutch is tight, like I barely have to push it in for me to shift. Is that normal? This is my first muscle car ive ever had...I had a Honda before so I am new to this stuff. The guy before told me that it needed new syncros cause sometimes it would pop out of gear and when you try to put it in 2nd while slowing down you have to "act" like your goin for 1st and then it will go to second. I am very confused! I dont know what to do. I read a few threads on here and figured I would check the fluid level in the clutch resv. Should I just rebuild or buy a new tranny?

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    You may have other trans issues but what you have stated above sounds like a poor clutch release. A pressure bleed of the system does not require alot of $$/ effort.It sounds like temperature may also be a factor. Is the feed line close to the exhaust? You may be able to insulate the line with good results. A tell tale of this is darkened( burnt) fluid.

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