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Transmission reverse/repair problems/ advice needed

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    Transmission reverse/repair problems/ advice needed

    Hey guys,

    I have a 2001 WS6 Trans Am with quite a few problems. I live in the Dallas area and would like some advice on my situation.

    The biggest problem is that the car is very hard to put into reverse unless you know just how to put pressure on the shifter, otherwise you end up grinding gears. A manager at a GM dealership told me there was a TSB on this problem and it requires the removal of the transmission, so Iíd be looking at a solid $2000 (at least) to fix the problem. I do have an aftermarket short-shifter installed, but donít think this is the problem since a friend and I removed the center console a while back to see if the shifter was causing the problem (didnít look like it). The car has long-tube Grotyohann headers Ė Iíve heard this can seriously complicate transmission removal.

    The other main issue is the ďService EngineĒ light in the dash. This, and an old set of tires, is keeping the car from passing inspection. Do shops other than the dealerships have the ability to read the engine codes? I have an aftermarket MAF sensor and an aftermarket air filter. Iíve heard the aftermarket MAF can set this off.

    The car has some other problems as well, such as the ďbuzzingĒ headlights. Iíve fixed the problem headlight once before by doing the headlight motor gear 180 degree turn trick, but itís buzzing again so I figure the entire nylon gear is worn this time. I may have to order one of the aftermarket brass parts off the net.

    The engine is still as strong as ever, and the body and interior are in near mint condition. Iíve thought about looking for a mechanic to sell the car to on the cheap Ė someone that could take care of the transmission problem themselves, but Iím not sure what I would get for the car in this condition. On the other hand, Iím not sure it would be worth it to sink $3000 or more into the car, either.

    Does anyone know of a good, honest, and knowledgeable mechanic in the Dallas area that has experience with the aforementioned transmission problem? Any and all comments on my situation will be appreciated.


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    Without a warranty paying why pay dealership prices? First read the codes that are set.
    Hard shifting into any gear can be a clutch release issue( check this out first as it is cheaper than a trans pull/ teardown/ repair). It is common to "roast" the hydraulic lines & fluid ( check the color in the res)with long tubes.
    Gear jump out does indicate damage to the reverse gear clutch teeth( commonly caused by missed 5th shifts) and can only be fixed with the rebuild. Search for a authorized Tremec dealer for you trans. work. You should not have $3k in this fix.

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