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transmission noise driving me crazy!!

This is a discussion on transmission noise driving me crazy!! within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I recently had a new clutch installed in my 99 trans am. I went with the slp zo6 clutch kit ...

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    transmission noise driving me crazy!!

    I recently had a new clutch installed in my 99 trans am. I went with the slp zo6 clutch kit with the lightweight flywheel and new pilot bearing included. Anyway, I got it out of the shop and now I notice a winding sound in the trans., only when it is in neutral and the clutch is NOT pushed in. If I push the clutch in, it stops. The owner of the shop tells me its a normal sound of the trans. spinning in neutral, but I never noticed it before. I had a new slave cylinder with throw out bearing put in and a prothane trans mount installed as well as the trans. fluid changed. I took the car to my pontiac dealer and they also said it is a normal sound that all manual trans. make.? Anyone know if it should make this winding\spinning sound in neutral when the clutch is not pushed in? Or did they mess up on the install?

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    Same thing is happening with my car. Just had zo6 clutch and flywheel installed, and it makes a similar noise. Seems like I hear it more when accelerating than with the clutch out in nuetral. The car was making this noise before the new clutch but was much worse. Like above, any explanation would be appreciated.

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    Two potentials to check.
    1)Did they tear the body to shifter boot on the install/ removal?
    2) swap the rear mount back to a production part. I highly suspect the loss of isolation you got with the stiff mount is your increase in noise.

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    This is a similar instance with a Mazda RX-7. We put a lightweight flywheel and a heavy duty clutch. We were getting a similar noise. Come to find out that the engine was idling more freely and the flywheel was mostly hollow so it gave a kinda propeller typed effect noise.

    The noise goes away when in gear because of the load on the engine and tranny.

    Again I don't claim to know everything I am just passing on personal experience.

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