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Transmission Broke?

This is a discussion on Transmission Broke? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I was driving home the other night and the car started to shake violently as soon as I would apply ...

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    Transmission Broke?

    I was driving home the other night and the car started to shake violently as soon as I would apply a little gas. It would shift fine, but once it would go over , oh say 1500 rpm, the car would start to shake and power wasn't making it to the tires... It was about the same amount of gas on each gear before it would shake. It took about 1 minute for me to slowly shift up to 40mph... A shop is starting to look at it and they said it sounds like someing in the transmission. I was thinking it might have been something with the clutch.

    Anyone ever have this happen?

    It's a 2000 M6 WS6 Trans Am


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    Well, I took it to a garage and the mechanic is telling me that he believes the problem is in the transmission. I'm a bit concerned though because the he couldn't give me a definite reason for the problem if it is the transmission. I don't know if he honestly believes it's the transmission, or maybe he's trying to get every penny out of me. I basically had to pick the place out of the phone book without a referral. I don't think there's any honest mechanics down here.

    After they opened up the bell housing of the T56, we couldn't see anything conclusive that it was the transmission so I instructed him to just do the clutch.

    I ended up ordering the following parts.
    gm part number

    12570806 Z06 Flywheel Package - $623.16
    15046288 Clutch Slave Cylinder - $178.32
    14061685 Pilot Bearing - 17.80
    10117848 Output Shaft Seal - 48.16

    Installation is going to cost $300 labor. They said redoing the transmission would be an additional $1000.00 and since i'm doing the clutch, he said it would be an additional $200 to remove the transmission again if the problem isn't fixed by the clutch.

    Here's some pics...

    The clutch still has a little bit of material, but is definitely ready for replacement.

    Here's the flywheel

    and the transmission. Notice the fluid leaking out of the slave cylinder.

    Here's some of the internals of my T56.

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    Great pics.By the way, where is "down here"?
    I assume the car wasn't throwing any codes? Would rev over 1500 ok in neutral? Just curious.
    Hope the guy fixes it after all the bucks it's costing!

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    I'm in the South Florida area...

    Yeah, it would rev in neutral over 1500 w/o a problem and no codes...

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    was the clutch slipping?

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    I'm about 99% sure it was the clutch. The mechanic has the new z06 clutch installed, however their having an issue with the T56. They said it doesn't shift. I knew I shouldn't have let him talk me into taking the cover off of it to make sure the problem wasn't in the transmission. It's going to be interesting to see how they handle this. The transmission was shifting fine when I brought it to them.

    Here's some more photos of the new clutch... It's a beautiful piece of machinery.

    Attachment 8619

    Attachment 8620

    Here's the Tranny as their working on it... I just noticed in the picture that it looks like they used a silicone sealer when they put the front cover back on. I thought it wasn't suppose to have any sort of gasket or sealer. Does anyone know if something should have been used?

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