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Topping off smoothed out the shifting

This is a discussion on Topping off smoothed out the shifting within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; My '99 M6 just went over 102,000. Never done anything to the tranny to this point and still have the ...

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    Topping off smoothed out the shifting

    My '99 M6 just went over 102,000. Never done anything to the tranny to this point and still have the original clutch. In the last month, I noticed the tranny seemed to not shift as smoothly and would occasionally act like it didn't want to go into gear. This coincided with the colder weather around here. I've had the rear-end pinion seal drip, but only put a few ounces of gear oil in the differential in the last four years. I've never seen any type of leak from the tranny.

    Well, yesterday I changed oil/filter (Pennzoil Platinum 10w30, NAPA Gold 1042) and decided to top off the tranny fluid. I bought one quart of Dexron III and a pump that pulls the fluid directly from the bottle (well worth the $8 it costs from Advance). I ended up putting less than half the quart in before I got the fill level drip.

    After I got everything completed and cleaned up, I took the car out for a quick check. The shifting was immediately back to being smooth and decisive. I guess just a few ounces of tranny fluid were all it needed. Thought I's share that in case anyone else has noticed a similar issue.

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    I had a similiar thing happen to me a few years back. I had a probe gt and replaced the tranny. I took it on the road, and it wouldn't stay in 5th. I had a shop look at it and found out i put the tranny in dry. He filled it for me and i never had a problem with it. I sure was worried when he told me it prob needed a new tranny.
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