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Tick Master Cylinder

This is a discussion on Tick Master Cylinder within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I was racing a GT Mustang a few nights ago and thought I had him after a few seconds but ...

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    Tick Master Cylinder

    I was racing a GT Mustang a few nights ago and thought I had him after a few seconds but I think my tick master cylinder f'd up and now my car wont move at all. I tried several times to bleed the clutch and still wont move. I might just get a mustang so I dont have to deal with this hydraulic clutch BS. Any advice?

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    Might not be the tick master cylinder. What are you getting when you bleed it? Could be the slave cylinder gave out.

    I feel your pain, I don't care for the hydraulic systems, and the fox body cable setups aren't much better. Just so you know I've been down that road before, they stretch over time, and eventually they do snap. Sucks when your 80 miles from home, just sayin

    I prefer the mechancial Z-bar and Fork setup myself

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    It would be odd for the hydraulics to fail so that the car doesn't move. Its probably something else like the clutch itself or something is broken in the trans.

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