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is there a better year to buy???

This is a discussion on is there a better year to buy??? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; i was a proud owner of a 2000 ram air, loved the car, 80,000 miles of love until she showed ...

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    is there a better year to buy???

    i was a proud owner of a 2000 ram air, loved the car, 80,000 miles of love until she showed how pissed off she was towards the end of the love affair. a little insight, at about 65,000 miles the clutch seemed like it didn't want to dis-engage when she was hot. at cold it shifted great. the dis-engagement problem led to the grinding of first and then second gears, reverse was near impossible. it came to the point she grinded alot and the cars love fell. she was pretty beaten up too. IE trade-in....unfortunitly gm decided not make the car anymore and all the stock was bought up. i bought a vette and didn't like it. my question is, does anyone know whether a 2002 was better than a 2000? were there any real problems with certain years. i have a chance to buy a 2000 with 6000 miles and another 2002 with 5000 miles. both are garage kept but the 2000 is a friend and i know the life its had but i read that 2000 did have clutch problems. any insight would be appreciated.

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    All f-bodies are lovely...but with an 01-02 you get a better master & slave cylinder, better clutch, higher hp intake manifold, better flowing intake manifold...etc

    Whether it is worth it to you to pay the extra $$ for a newer car is your decision.

    I went from an '01 car to an '00 car, it didn't matter much to me I was just looking for cheap. I knew I was going to replace the clutch/etc anyway.

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    werd...get the 01 and above...wish i did

    damn, i just realized you said 'i bought a vette and didn't like it"....can't wait till i have the green for that kinda take on things.

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