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T56 trade - Should i do it?

This is a discussion on T56 trade - Should i do it? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I know some one who is selling a beefed up T56 stage 3. First let me tell you that i ...

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    Question T56 trade - Should i do it?

    I know some one who is selling a beefed up T56 stage 3.

    First let me tell you that i have a SS with a procharger on stock clutch, stock everthing..... and plan on being around 500 - 550 rwhp by June (420rwhp now)

    This guy is selling his car. He recently had his tranny re-done. New zo6 clutch (LS7) new upgrded hydraulics. T56 rebuilt also had over 2k done to the tranny alone. He has the receipts for it all. He is looking to trade for a stock tranny 6spd ONLY stock clutch etc. The reason for this is he is not getting what he wants for the car price wise so this way he will get a lil extra money.

    The deal is I give him my good working order stock clutch & tranny shifter hydraulics etc and $600 cash. Plus you have to help do the swap or $750 and he does the swap.

    So what all I get: Built stage 3 t56 steel shift forks, carbon syncros it says what all it has on the receipt.Upgraded hydraulics slave & master, new tob,pro50 shifter.

    Pro50 shifter
    ls7 clutch kit
    Upgraded hydraulics
    Built stage 3 tranny (Steel forks for every gear even revese) & ( Carbon syncros) this is from talking to the guy - Havent seen the receipt yet.
    Got receipt as well.
    1 year warrenty from when tranny was buit by the shop that built it.

    Tranny was built in Dec 17, 2007 - Per owner it has slightly under 3k miles on it and has never been to the track with it. Car that it came off makes 358rwhp.

    Would you do it?
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    Where was it built up at? And ask to see the receipt, hell even call the place for details. But yeah, especially if you know the guy and isn't the kind to screw someone over. Otherwise, you will be needing all that stuff done anyways, why not save time and money, lots of money.

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