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T56 '99 SS Problems, please help!

This is a discussion on T56 '99 SS Problems, please help! within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Ok, I have a '99 Camaro SS, stock but I added a Hurst shifter. She's a beauty, but right now ...

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    T56 '99 SS Problems, please help!

    Ok, I have a '99 Camaro SS, stock but I added a Hurst shifter. She's a beauty, but right now she's also being a bitch. I am having problems with the transmission. It is REALLY tough to get the shifter to go in to any gear, if it goes at all. Often times when trying to put the shifter into gear, it grinds REALLY bad. Also, when the engine is at fairly high RPM (above 2000) and I push the clutch in, I can feel and hear the clutch disengage with a loud sudden jolt when the clutch teeth actually disengage. The thing is, I just had the transmission replaced at 40k miles. She now has 47k miles. I assume that the shop I took it to checked the MTF when they installed it, but could this be the problem? Is my transmission going down the crapper already?

    Thanks much for the help

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    Subsrcibed. I'm having a similar jolting sound when I push in the clutch pedal. Haven't been able to figure it out.

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