I'm looking at buying a rebuilt tranny soon.I'm not sure how much hp I will have in the end. My final engine goals are:

383ci Stroker w/ Eagle Crank and Rods w/ Mahle Pistons
RHS Cylinder Heads w/ Stainless Valves, Double Springs, Titanium retainers and Locks
.600 Lift Hydraulic Roller Cam
STS Turbo Kit (8psi)
125-175 Shot of NOS - Individual port injection
Weiand Intake w/ Nick Williams 90mm TB and 36-40lb Injectors
Full MSD Ignition
ATI Underdrive Pulley
Kooks LT's and Offroad Y-Pipe
Corsa Cat-Back
Ram Dual Disc Clutch
4.11 Moser 12-Bolt

Which stage tranny should I go with? I was thinking either a stage 3+ or 4+. I dont wanna waste money on a lower stage if it won't hold up in the end, I believe in buying the best from the beginning so I dont have to upgrade again. Also if anyone can gimme a final hp/tq guess, that would be great. I'm hoping for atleast 650-700. The car is gonna be built for road courses and street racing. Thanks for the Help.