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Squeaky clutch?

This is a discussion on Squeaky clutch? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; My clutch had been having a ton of problems sticking to the floor. So the other day I swapped the ...

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    Squeaky clutch?

    My clutch had been having a ton of problems sticking to the floor. So the other day I swapped the master. Everything has been fine since. Until yesterday I noticed a squeak when you push the pedal in and out. I didn't think much of it thinking the rod just needed to be lubricated or something. Well today I realized the sound was louder and coming from the engine bay and possibly the bell housing. Could it be the throwout bearing? Has anyone had this happen? I am going to try to bleed the system again when i get a chance but doubt that it will fix it.

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    well my mcleod adj master cylinder used to squeak but im not sure if that is your problem, if it is the throw out bearing the noise will only be heard during engagement and will also be a totally diffrent sound and come from a diffrent area then the master cylinder one...the throw out bearing is more of a humming squeak while the master cylinder will be a quick squeak as it passes that point in travel.

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    Doesn't sound like the throw out bearing, as he mentioned the to bearing sounds more like a whining or growling sound when the clutch is engaged.

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