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This is a discussion on Sound??????? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I just bought a 99 T/A with the 6 speed. The guy is an honest guy and he told me ...

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    I just bought a 99 T/A with the 6 speed. The guy is an honest guy and he told me that he thought the clutch is going out because it will pop out of reverse. I drove it and it has a "whine" sound as your driving as long as you are giving it the gas. It doesnt stop when you touch the clutch but none the less its fairly loud. Any ideas on what the whining sound is from?

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    He may be honest but that jump out of reverse has nothing to do with the clutch. Although it may also need a clutch, the whine is also not part of that equation. Whine is generally a rear gear or transmission gear wear problem. The reverse jump out is a synchronizer clutch tooth wear or a bent shift fork problem in the trans.

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    Whe doesn the whine sound like? and where abouts do you think its coming from? Appariently a little bit of whine from the rear end is normal, but if its loud, makes a WAWA sounds and starts as soon as you start moving, you have a bad bearing in the rear end thats about to implode.

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