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problems getting my T56 out

This is a discussion on problems getting my T56 out within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; What is the easiest way to get the last 2 top bolts on the tranny out, I hear beat floorboard ...

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    problems getting my T56 out

    What is the easiest way to get the last 2 top bolts on the tranny out, I hear beat floorboard up a couple inches, and I heard lift the carpet up and cut a section of the floor out to get to biggest problem is that the hydraulic line going into the tranny is like stuck, I cant get it out...the manual I have says just to pull it out, it wont do I get that out of there?

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    I havent done it before but if you lower the rear of the tranny it should make it easier to get to the bolts. The lines go to the throwout bearing, I think you just disconnect and pull the tranny out.

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    The hydraulic clutch line has a quick disconnect fitting. Basically you need to slide the white plastic collar into the sleeve using either a hydraulic line disconnect tool or you can do it using two small flathead screwdrivers. Once the collar is completely pushed into the sleeve, the line should just pop out. If you tug on it and it won't move, its not released. You'll know if its released because it will easily come out. The first time you try and get it out its usually difficult, because the collar doesn't want to slide in from all the dirt trapped around the fitting. Once it releases though, it should be much easier to release and connect should you have to do it again.

    As for the transmission bolts, they are definitely tough to get to. I lowered the rear of the trans down as far as it would go without pulling the motor backwards too far. Then I just used a swivel extension on a 3/8 ratchet to get up in there, grab onto the bolt, and break it loose. You will have the same issue with the bellhousing bolts, they are so close that you can only get to them with a swivel extension, and they are pretty damn tight too.

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    Use 2 screwdrivers to push the collar in and maybe have someone kinda pulling on the line, thats what i did but it should just pop out. Work with it.

    It will be much easier if you take the trans off the bellhousing first, then work with the belhousing seperate, TONS more room. It helps to have a few long extensions and youll only need one swivel. Its not too bad. Just be patient and use your hands when you cant see.

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