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Pro 5.0 Shifter feedback?

This is a discussion on Pro 5.0 Shifter feedback? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Anyone have this thing? I think it's the one i'm gonna get for 02 WS6....

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    Pro 5.0 Shifter feedback?

    Anyone have this thing? I think it's the one i'm gonna get for 02 WS6.

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    I have one in my Camaro. It took about 10 seconds to get used to the different shifter, ever since then I have had no problems. The 2-3 shift is very easy. The only problem I have heard people say about this shifter is that it can make some noise. I have never noticed this over my exhaust though.

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    I have the Pro 5.0 in my car. When I got the car it had the factory Hurst shifter, which is pretty crappy IMO.

    The Pro 5.0 is direct and precise, and 3rd gear is very east to nail every time.

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    I've had the pro 5.0 in my car for about 5ish years now. Very solid, and am very happy with it.

    I dont know if they still come this way, but mine came with about 2 inches worth of threads. I promptly cut about 1.5" off and threaded my stock ball on and it was absolutely perfect.

    Word of advice, be liberal with the thread locker when installing it, especially on the two bolts that hold the stick to the shifter itself. There is a good bit of vibration and they will back out on you leaving you in a mess. I was a bit skimpy on those bolts when I installed it and quickly saw the error of my ways.

    It is a little bit louder than stock, but not bad and you quickly get used to it. The first time you row though the gears with that you'll quickly forget about the little extra noise.

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    Have had good expierence with mine, vibrates slightly but no big deal. Alot better than the stock hurst. I prefer the Pro5.0 than the B&M.

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    I just ordered an UMI shortshifter

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