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Please try and tell me what I broke

This is a discussion on Please try and tell me what I broke within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Ok so this morning I went to the gym and on my way back I had to take a road ...

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    Please try and tell me what I broke

    Ok so this morning I went to the gym and on my way back I had to take a road that is REALLY bad... one specific section of it is REALLY bumpy, it jolted around the car quite a bit. Now before this strip of horrid road, my car was normal (or so it would have seemed the way it ran in the last few days).
    Right after I go over this series of bumps, The trans makes a horrible grinding noise in ANY gear if I put the throttle past about 10%. If I am really easy on the throttle the car accelerates like normal and doesn't seem like anything is wrong. When you press on the accelerator tho beyond the 10% it makes a sound like the car is only half in gear like a synchro is spinning (that whining/grinding sound).

    The car, however, shifts perfectly fine thru all 6 gears and reverse (nursed it home and had to parallel park)... and the clutch is fine, I was in foggy weather and the traffic was bad so I was in 1st gear a lot, pulling out, stop/go, etc. Clutch was just as it always was; normal.

    It seems to me like something in the driveline is loose or not totally connected or something. I did notice the other night that when I would shift into 2nd and third hard (street racing, really pushing the car) the car shook like the tranny or something was hitting the undercarriage of the car. This wasn't a vibration but more of a banging. I say this because my theory is the rough/bumpy road shook whatever might've been loose before, and either made it really loose or broke/removed it.

    But what would have broken or come loose that I'd have such symptoms? Any ideas or theories?

    I can't get the car looked at til Friday (my buddy corey is busy until then) so I'm looking for any theories so I can go and check a bit and maybe help him/myself out.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    if it does it in every gear, its not your trans. its your clutch or rear end, or u-joints

    does the car shake real bad the faster u go?

    if the trans is hitting the bottom of the car, its your transmission mount, u can get a new one cheap from
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    does it make that same grinding whining sound in neutral if it does...then your throw out bearing is probly stuck inside the pressure plate

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    Well the other night we jacked up the car and spun the rear. (We just replaced the rear with one with 22k on it like 3 weeks ago, so I doubted it was the rear. I know what a bad rear feels like haha) It's not the rear, and all mounts are intact.

    In neutral the car doesnt make any noise that I can hear over the exhaust, in gear when its just rolling you hear an ever so faint clinking sound ... Sounds like someone clanging to butter knifes or something.

    So basically we're gonna drop the trans sunday... I've got a feeling (my dad and friend Corey agree with it too) that its the Pressure plate or throwout bearing. Because the car shifts into every gear a-ok. It's just when you hit the throttle harder it'll make that spinning,whirring sound like something is loose.

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