Whenever I am cruising along in 1st gear and I start to pulsate the gas pedal, and the car starts to lurch back and forth, I get a really strange clunking sound coming from somewhere near the transmission. It almost seems to be coming from inside the transmission. It just sounds just like I have alot of play in the joint between the transmsission and the driveshaft (don't know what its called...universal joint or CV joint) but I got underneath the car and tried to turn the driveshaft and only got a very small amount of play.

Today I jacked up the rear of the car and put the transmission in 1st and had someone rotate one of the back wheels forward back forward back... really quickly while I was under the car. I hear what sounds like the same noise coming from inside the transmission. Everytime they switch direction while rotating the wheel I got a clunk.

I also get the same noise when I am cruising in first gear at ~1600-1700 rpms and a push the clutch in quickly to take it out of gear. Its the same noise coming from the same place except instead of making just one clunk it makes like 4 or 5 (like a loud rattling sound).

Also, I'm not sure if this could be related to the problem, but when I am in first gear, moving, and I put in the clutch just to take it out of gear it feels like it sticks in the 1st gear position for just a second. When I am still rolling and I go to put it it 1st gear from neutral it takes a second for the shifter to slip into the 1st position. (If I push the shifter towards 1st, it sits in between N and 1 for a second then it slips into 1st after the car rolls for just a second.)

Anybody have any idea what could be causing the noise? I am about to go crazy.