my tranny is making some sort of stupid banging noise like theres a bunch of rocks in it...

lol i know very descriptive right?

anyhow, it does it at idle, and then it turns into more of a bearing vibration with a load on it. when you push in the clutch it goes mostly away, but i can feel the vibration in the pedal.

ive taken it out and replaced the TO bearing, which didnt help.

so i took it out again and tore it down....the rear mainshaft bearing felt loose, so i replaced that no avail.

every gear/bearing/synchro everything was replaced last year when it got rebuilt, and all the gears adn synchros are perfect...which leads me to think bearings.

i dont think ive warped any shafts, but i dont know for like to take it somewhere and get it done, but im broke lol. so any advice would help.