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Need Hints/Tips on installing clutch myself

This is a discussion on Need Hints/Tips on installing clutch myself within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; OK im doing this for all the noobs out there like me so they dont F up like i did!!! ...

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    Need Hints/Tips on installing clutch myself

    OK im doing this for all the noobs out there like me so they dont F up like i did!!!

    Tools Required:
    7 mm socket
    10 mm box-end wrench
    11 mm socket
    13 mm socket
    15 mm socket
    18 mm socket
    swivel socket adapter!!!!
    Flywheel holding tool<------------------OR USE IMPACT
    Torque Wrench<-------------------------lb foot
    A lot of Extensions!!!
    Brake Cleaner!!!
    Dextron III ATF (4 quarts)
    White Lithium Grease
    Clutch alignment tool<---------------------------COMES WITH Most clutches
    PILOT BEARING removal tool <-----MUST HAVE!! get from advance auto parts--$29.99, you can return it and get your money back.

    TORQUE SPECS (in lb foot)
    Engine Flywheel Bolts (First Pass) 15 lb ft
    Engine Flywheel Bolts (Second Pass) 37 lb ft Do these three in bolt rotation pattern of: 1-4-6-2-3-5
    Engine Flywheel Bolts (Final Pass) 74 lb ft

    Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts (3 passes in Seq.) = 20/40/52
    Sequence: 1-4-6-2-3-5

    Transmission Housing Bolt 37 lb ft

    Clutch Master Cylinder Nut 15 lb ft
    Transmission Bolt 37 lb ft

    MUST RESURFACE your OLD FLYWHEEL if reusing it, Napa does it for $38, i was gonna use it w/out resurface, VERY glad i got it done, he said NO WAY wouldve it lasted, it was cupped.

    The tranny comes apart in 2 pieces, unbolt tranny from bellhousing first, then unbolt bellhousing from motor.

    BENCH BLEED YOUR MASTER CYLINDER!!!! I SCREWED UP and had to take it back out, its a total bitch to do.

    Dont forget to do the drill mod, i forgot while i had the master out and once i got it back in i sure as hell wasnt taking it back out!!

    make sure you get a center pilot bearing puller, dont EVEN try to do the grease method, that can damage your engine!!

    Make sure you have a tranny jack, thats the only thing that works halfway decent!!
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