This is the oddest thing ever. Ive owned my car since it was new in 2000.

At about 75000 miles the clutch took a dump and replaced it with a new one. The gears slightly grinded occasionally in 5th and reverse even after I replaced the clutch.

Now at about 95000 miles I noticed the clutch only engaged at about 2 to 3 inches off the floor. I had to pull up the clutch from the floor to get it back in starting position (not that it mattered considering 80% of the clutch was just mush) It was getting so bad I would have the clutch in 1st and the car would start rolling forward with the clutch all the way down.

I also had problems with hard shifting which I thought was due to the insanely cold weather recently, etc. I took it in yesterday. The stealership told me I needed a new clutch, flywheel, etc.

I told them I would bring it back Monday and had them do an oil change while it was sitting there.

The only thing they did was an oil change. I got it back last night and slowly the clutch came back. It stiffened up over the past 50 miles. Now there's no more play, the clutch comes all the way back up, and shifts through all gears even 5th and reverse like butter and is good as new.

It seems after the oil change, the clutch repaired itself and feels better and shifts like it did when it was new.

I thought about first bleeding the line before forking out 1000 bucks but now im afraid to mess with it thinking "If it aint broke dont fix it"

What gives?