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My newly rebuilt transmission wont go into gear!

This is a discussion on My newly rebuilt transmission wont go into gear! within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Okay, for starters just to clear up the details..... This transmission was rebuilt in August, at a local shop BUT ...

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    My newly rebuilt transmission wont go into gear!

    Okay, for starters just to clear up the details.....
    This transmission was rebuilt in August, at a local shop BUT I did personally oversee the work. I had brass fork pads put on all 4 forks, a new 5/6 synchro
    (the others looked almost new) and had the 6th gear replaced because it had been ground off due to a broken shift rail and of course the fluid was replaced.
    (a woman driver, **No offense to the ladies here... this one was just a complete nut... somehow broke it!). Well everything was fine until about a week and a half ago it stuck a little going into gear, now it sticks (just about like a lockout mechanism was there, and you can force it into gear but i have tried to avoid that*) going into ANY gear, almost like it has a bad synchro, but I know thats not it this soon I've babied the thing since the repairs.

    Today when I went to put everything back toegther to take it back to the shop, I thought to check the clutch and it's soft until about half travel, then it firms up, I checked the fluid and the level is okay but the fluid is almost black, and the pedal makes almost a squawking sound from when you feel the pedal go firm until it goes to the floor, well I did't thing anything of it until my dad said "did it squeal when you had it running?" and I of course at this point being optimistic as it could be just the clutch needs to be replaced
    (I did not have that done @ the time of rebuild it looked okay and I am assuming that it is the OE clutch w/ 124,000 miles)and it does squeal a little, but it is more of a rythmic chirp, you can hear what almost sounds like a rough spot in the flywheel that hits on an interval, when the pedal is depressed like the cluth isn't fully disengaging. I would love for this to be a cheap"-ish" fix because money is kinda tight right now, and this is my daily driver w/ no mods so OE equip. is fine.

    Any ideas? becasuse my gut and my knowledge in this department
    (albeit limited) says it's probably more than a clutch. And if it is the master cylinder going do i need a slave as well?


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    I'd definitely change the slave as well... when i put in my new tranny i made sure to replace everything right off the back that way I could rule all of them out if any issues came up....
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    well I talked to the shop this morning and he said that what it sounds like is a throwout bearing on it's way out, I was supposed to take it over there today but I'm stuck at school until after 5:00 pm EsT, the universal car shop closing time. I do plan to take it tomorrow though so hopefully he can drop the tranny and help me figure out whats going on. If it helps I forgot to mention this when I first posted the topic but it only starts to squeal when you try to put it in gear, like something is rubbing in the trans itself and you can feel it a little in the stick (lous short stick, a little rougher feel than stock anyway so...) could this be the throwout bearing starting to disintegrate? hopefully since the shop has a four wheel stationary lift, I might be able to talk him into letting me go up in the car and run it so I can get the clutch to "do its thing" and maybe he can trace the sound.
    if it is just the throwout bearing and not one of the cylinders, should I go ahead and just replace the bearing, or should I replace the slave and bearing as a set? I was actually looking at the RAM slave & bearing setup, but if I replace the slave I want to go ahead and replace the master then (just to save myself from having to bleed it twice) with a RAM adjustable one. after all no sense ruining a perfectly good slave with a faulty master .
    but if the clutch is okay,
    I have no plans of replacement until after christmas ... MAYBE.
    if I do replace the clutch though I plan on going all in and getting the set, clears up any "unwanted variables" but like I said money is tight, I do have another vehicle to drive to school but Clemson requires a parking sticker (they phased out my hangtag) so I need to get my car back on the road ASAP, before this one gets towed (first time offense is towing) I have the number and a letter explaining the situation in the window but still....
    anywho... I really just need a cheap quick fix that will last me for a little while. (yes i did just say cheap, quick, and last a while in the same sentence)
    so any input is appreciated.


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