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Mity vac hook up?

This is a discussion on Mity vac hook up? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I know this sounds silly but I still cant get my cluch bleed. I bought a mity vac and tried ...

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    Mity vac hook up?

    I know this sounds silly but I still cant get my cluch bleed. I bought a mity vac and tried to get a sucktion from the bleeder. it worked for a bit but I still cant get any presher in my cluch. How have you guys used it for positive presher. Just though the line that leeds to the master? oh and I did not bleed the master on the bench I hope that is not my problem all along. I would think it would get bleed sooner or later. thanks for any input.

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    I think you are in trouble. A bench bleed prior to install would have saved the repeated and/ or unsucsessful bleeds while installed. You may want to remove the master and start again with a bench fill/ bleed.

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    since your system is installed do this...

    KEEP YOUR BLEEDER CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    use the mity-vac and place the nozzle/tip at the end of the mity vac hose into the clutch (hydraulic)fill container. Insert the tip/nozzle into the hole/line for the fluid to master. The pressurize the mity vac to no more then 12. If you go higher then 12 you take a chance of damaging the seals in the master cylinder.

    Now pump the clutch pedal. As you do this, you will see air bubbles being pulled from the system.

    and repeat.

    The above was the way I always bleed clutch. However with the camaro slave cylinder, I filled it with fluid first!

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