Well after almost a year and a half, and God knows how many launches on nitrous, and just driving the car around it came time to pull my twin disc. It would still have been fine for normal street driving, but it was starting to slip on the starting line. Last week out was running 60 ft of 1.55 and 11.15's @122 mph. But the clutch was all the way to the top of it's throw.
Anyhow, pulled the tranny, and you should have seen all the dust, but except for the plates being worn down to the rivets, everything looked fine. As I said if you just wanted to drive on the street, it still had some life in her.
So Iwent down to Mc Leod's to see about having it rebuilt, talked about my car, and that I've been representing them at the track because of the interest in my car, and that I was racing in the Summit series, and racing at Palmdale, California, Vegas, all over and that I get a lot of young people that are interested in the car. George said let me see what I can do, and went to talk to his boss. Came back and slipped a piece of paper across the desk with a number for an all aluminum clutch assembly, dual disc for less than half of a new steel unit. Cool I always wanted to try the aluminum flywheel, which they say is equal in weight to the stock flywheel. Still have my old unit that they are going to rebuild for me. Needless to say I am one happy camper. I'm going to leave the nitrous as it is so I can get some comparison between the two setups. Kevin