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Mayday Mayday Ss Down

This is a discussion on Mayday Mayday Ss Down within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; okheres what happened to me today i was drving onto the interstae and was going about 40 in 3 rd ...

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    Mayday Mayday Ss Down

    okheres what happened to me today i was drving onto the interstae and was going about 40 in 3 rd not getting on it and i went over a little bump soon as i cleared the bump my car made a really bad ginding shit breaking kind of noise and the car wouldnt accelarate so i pulled of the road and gathered my thoughts went to pull out in trafic and it did it again so i drove it home under 2200 grand i can start off pretty easy but if i give it some more gas its like the tranny or rea-end is falling out i didnt have any clutch slippage before this and didnt smell nothing burning i pulled the diff. cover and looked for broken parts thinking maybe the 10 bolt died on me everything looked alrite no metal shavings and the teeth looked goood from what i seen i havent beat the car i mean ive been sideways a couple times but never from a dead stop the car goes into all the gears the same the clutch feels the same but when i bought the car the clutch pedal felt like theres was a little vibration in it thought that was normal the car is a 00 ss m6 51k on it i checked the clutch fluid its full but looks black i dont want to take it to the shop and it not be the clutch would a clutch do this without no burning smell or should i look at something else sry for the long post im really bummed about this one any ideas i would be thankful guys

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    The clutch PROBABLY wouldnt cause what you're car is doing. Check the tranny fluid and top it off if its low. Then take the car for a drive. If the fluid level is fine then drain it and look for metal shavings. If the fluid comes out with flake like a paint job then you probably need a rebuild. I know you said YOU havent beat on the car but it may have been beat on before you got it.

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