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Hurst Shifter

This is a discussion on Hurst Shifter within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; In 2002, was the SE SS the only model to get the factory Hurts shifter or did they give them ...

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    Hurst Shifter

    In 2002, was the SE SS the only model to get the factory Hurts shifter or did they give them to all the SS models? If so, were they a short throw shifter or standard throw? If standard, who makes a good short throw for these cars? Did it make a difference? Thanks.

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    The Hurst was optional on the SS possibly back as far as the LT1 days if I remember right. My 00 SS has a factory Hurst.
    I've also seen them on the WS6 models occasionally. Yes they do offer a shorter throw that is noticable.

    I lean towards the factory Hurst for a couple of reasons. For one it's the only shifter my wife likes at this point. I've tried the aftermarket Billet Hurst, and the Pro 5.0. Didn't like either of those for different reasons.

    I ended up back with the factory Hurst, and then to get rid of the mushy feel I removed the factory stick with the rubber isolator and installed a short solid stick. My only complaint after that was the stick being a bit too short and also seemed bias towards the rear of the console opening. So I ended up heating and bending it to a more comfortable position. At the moment it's working "okay". I don't think any shifter is going to get rid of the notchy T-56 feel these tranny's have. It's just their nature and something I really don't care for.

    If I do this all over again I'd probably try a shifter called MGW. ( I think that's the name). It's adjustable from what I understand and offers a better shift feel.

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    there were some regular ss and ws6 cars that came with hurst shifters. they arent to bad, ive driven a camaro with one in it.

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