Hey guys I need my trans rebuilt cuz I think with all the mods I should be some where in the ballpark of 650hp at the flywheel so I'm guessing I need to rebuild the tranny so anybody know how much this is going to cost me? what kind of gearing do need for the 4.11's in the rear or does that not matter? Or would it be cheaper to buy a whole new trans cuz I think mine may be shot inside there. I mean I haven't had it rebuilt ever or even looked at in the last 55,000 miles. Plus it's tough to put into gear sometimes and throws itself out of rev. All the time and don't ask cuz I honestly don't know but it some how it can get stuck between 3rd & 5th gear. I think it may be from my hardshifting and I think I may have bent the shift forks but like I said idk so could some plz let me no what you think. Sorry for typos at work and tryin not to get caught by boss. Lol

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