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How long should it take to install new clutch/flywheel?

This is a discussion on How long should it take to install new clutch/flywheel? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; How long should it take for a garage to install a new clutch and flywheel on a 96 lt1 6spd ...

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    How long should it take to install new clutch/flywheel?

    How long should it take for a garage to install a new clutch and flywheel on a 96 lt1 6spd trans am?

    How about for a gear swap? (3.42 to 4.10)

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    I have a newborn to help with so I've been working on mine off and on for almost a week, I am stuck at locating a part that goes into the driveshaft but because I did so much work I convinced the wife to let me buy a used lift. 10 foot ceiling - lifts the car a good 5+ feet pretty nice. I couldn't imagine doing it on jackstands now I would of rather paid to have it done than go that route. Budget or not my back is worth the money plus I have neck issues from time to time. Let me know if you need any torque specs questions about any specific part of doing this. Im a newbie myself but maybe I can help.

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    Well I ment really how much should I expect to be paying? i dont be doing any of the work myself... firstly i wouldnt be comfortable doing something for the first time without experiecned guidance, second i woudlnt want to fuck things up and have to pay more in the long run to reverse the damages, thirdly its 17 degrees outside and i dont have access to a garage with enough room to do work with, and third, the best i could do is park half of the car on the curb to get it off the ground

    so a garage will be doing it, but places around here are about $95 an hour for labor, so if a garage tells me its a 6 hour job and i know it could be done in 4, i'll go elseware and save a shitload.

    thanks for the response though... i also relized that i'll have to have the speedo recalibrated, i wonder how much that will cost me... would it be cheaper for me to buy a hypertech so i could change it myself?

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    i dont know if it will be cheaper to buy the hypertech to correct your speedo but in the long run the hypertech could pay for itself. you can shut off check engine lights and change your timing, also you can recalibrate the ECM if u ever put a diff cam in it.

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    really? i thought it only did fan temps, wheel/gear changes, clear codes and its own preset plug and play tune? you can change things yourself?

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    i used a lift on my 98 t/a, it took me about 1 hr-1.5 hour to drop everything bout 2 hrs to put everything in. im no pro either, lol so i would expect a "pro" to get it done in 4 hrs or less. unless they milk the shit out of that job.. as far as gear swaps, i do not know...

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    last time i pulled the trans out of a t/a i did it on the ground with jackstands....took 35 minutes to drop will take about an hour to reassemble....ive done it about 8 gets easer and easier

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