I have an '01 Z28 (the usual bolt ons and big drg rdl tires, dyno'd at 353rwhp) with the common lazy pedal issue. I noticed it last year around 75k miles, but the clutch let out seemed normal, about midway at the time. The car now has approx 85k miles. The clutch fluid was black, so I have begun the process instructed by this sight to diagnose and possibly fix this problem. I flushed and bled system, no real difference. I just got finished doing the drill mod. The lazy pedal seems better under hard acceleration, but not cured, and clutch travel is still high. I'm sure the lazy pedal issue is likely the master or slave, but what would cause the high pedal engagement. I tried the 4th-5th gear load test and it does stall, and I dont experience any erratic or noticable slipping. As a matter of fact, the car still just hits and toasts the 315/35 tires even from a roll. If not a worn clutch, what else could be causing the pedal to change to a higher engagement point. Any ideas would be great.