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General M6 Questions

This is a discussion on General M6 Questions within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; OK, I'm probably the least technical person on this board, but here goes. I've seen past threads and experienced myself ...

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    General M6 Questions

    OK, I'm probably the least technical person on this board, but here goes.

    I've seen past threads and experienced myself issues with particular shift points on the M6 tranny. For instance, some have a hard time getting the car into reverse, or they complain about hitting the 2-3 shift, etc.

    Can the shift forks, syncros, etc. be adjusted in any way to reduce or eliminate these types of problems? If so, where would someone get this type of work done, a regular tranny shop, performance shop, or....????

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    A new master cylinder on the earlier cars 98-00 will help alot for going into gear. Some of these cars the clutch doesn't fully engage. As far as missing gears the 3/4 shift fork is aluminum and will bend. They have a replacement for this it is steel. No way to adjust the synchros.

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    The T56 has a single-rail linkage design that does not go out of adjustment so it does not need adjusting like old external linkages of the past.

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    Occasionaly I'll have trouble shifting into first. Owner's manual makes not of it though. Just have to release the clutch and try again. The same may go for reverse.

    I think the 2-3 shift may be a combination of 2 things. First, the stock tranny mount allows the tranny to shift to the side slightly during shifting, moving the 3rd gear shift point slightly. Second, the rubber isolator on the stock shifter cuts down vibrations, but allows the stick a bit too much freedom of movement independent of the shift linkage. Together it makes it harder to hit that 3rd gear.

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