i just did a H/c swap and dident change the stock 3.42`s now after driveing the car it needs the gear but it`s a DD and i am sckerd of gear whineing?
i got a comp cam 228.228.581.581 112 lsa.. it`s a more higher rpm cam peak powers at 6200 6300 rpms and red lines 7000... it just takes too long to get in the power with the stock 3.42s

i know it needs the 4.10s but it`s the stock 9 inch

what i am rellying asking is what rpms @ 70 mph with 4.10s

and whats the best gear with the lese gear whineing\

ohh and it made 415 rwhp and 388 tq

any help will be great!!!!!!