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fidanza flywheel?

This is a discussion on fidanza flywheel? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I have a fidanza and a spec3 clutch setup but i heard from a guy that a fidanza flywheel throws ...

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    fidanza flywheel?

    I have a fidanza and a spec3 clutch setup but i heard from a guy that a fidanza flywheel throws off the internal balance of a ls1 i have never heard of such a thing so i thought i would ask?? Does it?

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    their site says that the flywheel itself is balanced because of manufacturing tolerances, and as a senior in mechanical engineering, i believe them 100%. it does say, however, that you should have your flywheel and clutch setup balanced at a machine shop. whether or not the rotating assembly would be out of balance would depend on whether the factory uses the flywheel as a balancing piece or not. i would strongly guess not, but i'm pretty inexperienced with american cars' engines still. anyways, if that was the case, then all flywheels would need balancing, and they'd have to be balanced with the crankshaft and harmonic damper and clutch, all assembled. since i hardly ever hear of people doing that, i would take an educated guess that it's not required.

    hopefully somebody else will chime in that can shed a bit more light on it.
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    It should be fine. Some engine companies do in fact balance the engine with the harmonic balancer, flex plate (or flywheel in this case), and entire rotating assemble, but being stock, its shouldn't be a concern.

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