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Drivetrain Issues HELP!

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    Drivetrain Issues HELP!

    I canít seem to understand this but see if any of you can help. I recently back in November of 2006 had my transmission rebuilt with carbon fiber sychroís, 3-4 steel shift fork, brass blocker rings, etc. Recently here is what is happeningÖ When I launch my car from a dead stop I canít seem to shift above 5500 Rpmís without hitting some kind of wall it feels like in 2nd and 4th gear. 3rd gear is fine and I can shift it at 6600 like usual. It feels like when I go to hit the gear I hit a wall for like 1 second then it goes right in with no grinding or anything. Now here is what I donít understandÖ when I go from any kind of roll 15 mph or whatever I can shift at the usual 6600 and itís as smooth as butter. Any gear any RPM and itís perfect! Only when I launch the car from a dead dig does it give me this problem. What can it be? Iím totally confused. Please help!

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    did you rule out all the old C.A.G.S. skip shift solenoids and such

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