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Difference in T-56's

This is a discussion on Difference in T-56's within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; What if any are the differences between a '93-'97 (lt1) T-56 and a '98-'02 (ls1) T-56? Need to know if ...

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    Question Difference in T-56's

    What if any are the differences between a '93-'97 (lt1) T-56 and a '98-'02 (ls1) T-56?
    Need to know if a 99 T-56 will fit behind a 95 LT-1.-Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooLow53
    What if any are the differences between a '93-'97 (lt1) T-56 and a '98-'02 (ls1) T-56?
    Need to know if a 99 T-56 will fit behind a 95 LT-1.-Thanks
    Input shaft is different, longer I believe. Likely they could be interchanged, but I'm not so sure about that.

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    LT1 T-56 uses a clutch fork instead of a hydraulic slave cylinder....other than that a T-56 is a T-56 the '93 had a different input shaft....but all that make a difference of is how the tranny is indexed to the clutch...which means of you bought a '93 T-56 you would have to find a '93 clutch are better off getting as new a trans as possible....less wear...if youve got any major mods or you putting out over 350 lb ft of torque to the wheels buy a rebuild and have the damned thing rebuilt before you stick it in....else youll fry the paper blocker rings and snap the stamped syncros in no time....a stock T-56 is only rated at that....a viper is rated at 550 lb ft....the only major difference is that the vipers already have billet strut keys and carbon syncros...typically you will also find them with less miles too....ive seen rebuilts go for as little as $1200....which is pretty good for a T-56...especially when you consider what it came from.. the input splines are the same at 26 splines...the output is a 30 spline output... there are companies that sell a viper yoke for our has an extended yoke for the fact that the viper trans is 2 inches shorter than an fbody t-56....its in the case(case is shorter) buy their yoke and ship them yours as a core charge...hope that helped

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    This is already a non bolt in deal in my '53 so I know it is going to take a little bit of work.I already have a LT-1 to put in my '53 and a deal came up for a 99t-56 w/60,000 miles on it. The tranny is coming from an older couple who thought there tranny was bad and ended up being the cat. converter popping the bottom of the floor. He wants to get rid of the trans bell housing and stock shifter for $500? So i pretty much figured the bellhousing is not going to fit the LT-1, but will the trans with the right LT-1 specific bellhousing go behing my LT-1? If i have to go to a hydraulic set-up i will, but will the input shaft differ that much from the LT-1's? Are the splines the same as a LT-1 flywheel, is it longer, and is it machined differently for the hydraulic set-up? Thanks for any light on the subject.Sorry if i seem slow, coming over from the darkside and this is new to me......

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    The input is longer on the LS1. If you fabricate a spacer and use the LT1 bell it will work.Sandwich the spacer at the rear face of block and use longer bolts. This assumes you will use the LS1 hydraulic release system. You could also locate the LT1 front adapter and input gear and convert the trans. In that case you will be using the LT1 release system with the extrenal slave.

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