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Clutch slippage

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    Clutch slippage

    Well I was practicing my launching and I had some slippage. I started at about 2,000rpm and did what Iíd call a slow dump of the clutch, trying to do a small slip and then completely release. When it was released and was at WOT the clutch slipped for a sec or two. That was prob the worse case scenario for the clutch, hitting wot and releasing the clutch from an intentional slip at about the same time.

    Is that at all normal for a stock clutch or no? Whatís weird is that it feels like it grabs pretty good any other time, it will consistently chirp second gear.

    So is this normal for a stock clutch or the first sign of a clutch going bad? Would bringing it to the drag strip completely kill it or does it have some time left?

    I would really like to enjoy this car for the summer relatively problem free, if thatís ever possible lol.


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    i did a sick burnout the other day and mine started went out about a week after putting an ls7 in now! you can tell....if it gets worse it is noticably different so you can tell easily.. if it gets any worse i would recommend you parking it or takin it to the shop cuz i drove mine til it went out and i had to tow it to my dads shop..good luck let me kno..

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