I have had my 98z for about 6 months now and the second time i drove it I started losing gears 2-6 randomly. So i called a t-56 specialist and told me my clutch was out so i put a new spec stage 3 not a 3+, master and slave cylinder and drill mod while i was at it and synthetic fluid. After that the all the gears came back fine.It already had a SLP flywheel that i just had re turned maybe a mistake there on my part? Now the car is well broken in and still when letting out in 1st or reverse the car shakes horribly no matter how smooth i try to let out the clutch, on a hill in reverse or 1st the clutch will burn some again no matter how smooth i try and on a big hill the clutch may burn so bad the gears grind and when i will get on it sometimes at high rpms in 2nd or 3rd i lost most of my resistance in my clutch thats proble a master or slave problem? but wat in the world do u guys think is up with my clutch? or is it me and just dont know how to drive but im pretty sure i do from some of the mustangs ive race lol.