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clutch problem

This is a discussion on clutch problem within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I have 02 trans am and having a problem with my clutch pedal kinda sticking when I run it hard. ...

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    clutch problem

    I have 02 trans am and having a problem with my clutch pedal kinda sticking when I run it hard. I have a zo6 clutch setup. I also have a Mcleod clutch master cylinder on it to. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this. I was thinking mabe need a new clutch or mabe the slave cylinder is going bad. I dont think it would be the pressure plate.

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    I have the same problems, the pedal just feels dead. In my case i think it may be the fluid has really broken down and it's really disgusting looking. I'm going to try a flush first and if that doesn't work then a new set up will be ordered.

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    try replacing the fluid. it helped me a bunch in pedal feel and no more sticking. i think its just DOT4 brake fluid, but i cant remember for sure, so be sure to double check.
    which ever fluid it is...
    1) put a towel over the fender to protect from drips, this stuff eats right through paint
    2) use a turkey baster or similar to suck up the fluid.
    3) refill to the line on the reservoir and pump the clutch 20 times.
    CAUTION: do not pump clutch without fluid inthe reservoir or youll introduce air into the lines!
    4)repeat until it looks clean.

    I just went ahead and did steps 1-3 once a week until it looked clean, used less fluid that way.

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