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Clutch Pedal Pressure and Smelly Clutch

This is a discussion on Clutch Pedal Pressure and Smelly Clutch within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Stock 2002 Firehawk w/ standard slp mods...cold air intake, slp exhaust, etc. I replaced stock clutch at around 78K miles ...

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    Clutch Pedal Pressure and Smelly Clutch

    Stock 2002 Firehawk w/ standard slp mods...cold air intake, slp exhaust, etc. I replaced stock clutch at around 78K miles with a Ram pressure plate and disk. I now have 80K miles. It's not a race clutch, just one step up from the standard replacement they recommend. The clutch works fine, but I have two complaints:

    1. The pedal pressure is very heavy. I didn't notice it at first, but I've developed a left-knee problem ever since I installed it. Maybe it's age (I'm 43), but I never had a problem with the stock clutch.
    2. The clutch puts out a very bad "smell" when I slip the clutch. For example when I back-up quickly or if I take off quickly. It doesn't smell like the typical burnt clutch smell, it smells like CNG.. natural gas. Yuck!

    Generally the clutch works well, but keep in mind that I don't hammer on the car and I'm pretty easy on clutches. The "smelly" clutch is kind of emabarrassing because I have to explain where the smell is coming from if someone's in my car (for obvious reasons).

    Does anyone know if the LS7 clutch set-up has a relatively light clutch pedal pressure? or can you recommend any other clutch set ups that have a lighter clutch pressure at the pedal? I remember reading that the centerforce clutches has weights on it to make the clutch pedal pressure feel lighter. I'm going to have to sell the car if I can't resolve the issue since my knee can't handle the additional pressure.
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    I've heard the LS7 feels exactly like the stock setup, so that may be what you want.

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