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Clutch and Flywheel Options

This is a discussion on Clutch and Flywheel Options within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Any Ideas on a better clutch and Flywheel for my 2001 WS6 6spd? Not highly modified but it does have ...

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    Exclamation Clutch and Flywheel Options

    Any Ideas on a better clutch and Flywheel for my 2001 WS6 6spd? Not highly modified but it does have headers, 3" exhaust, Gen II FIPK K&N filter system, throttle body spacer. Making about 380 HP. ANy ideas on where to buy them cheap? Also, does anyone have an opinion on a lightweight aluminum vs. stock flywheel as far as performance and longevity?

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    Unless you road race/AutoX your car, get a billet steel flywheel.
    Aluminum is too light.

    LS7 clutch assembly would probably work great on your car.

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    Will look into it, thanks a bunch!

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    LS7 clutch

    LS7 would be great. I have just about the same setup that you are talking about and I just installed the LS7 clutch.

    Supposedly it is rated upto 500hp. It grabs excellent and feels great. I have installed the centerforce dual friction on my 99 camaro and both performed well, though I believe that from turning my flywheel (when I did the centeforce install) I had to use shims which was a pain in the a$$.

    If you get the LS7 setup and do the install yourself, be sure to clean out the threads on the new flywheel, it will save time and your bolt threads.

    Good luck!

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    the ls7 cluch assembly is heavier i believe the flywheel is 28 pounds but you can get it down to about 22 or so.

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    Flywheel weights

    Stock ls1 flywheel-24lbs
    Slp billet ls1-16lbs
    LS7 - 26.5 Lbs
    Firdanza ls7-13lbs

    Clutch assembly and flywheel weight.

    Stock LS1 (2004 GTO) - 49lbs
    Stock LS7 (2006 Z06) - 57lbs

    Ls7 with aluminum-44lbs

    The only flywheel options for the ls7 right now are the stocker at 26.5lbs or the firdanza at 13lbs there is no steel billet which is usually somewhere in the middle of the two weight wise.

    I think the ls7 will work fine for you it will easly hold your power and its pretty damn cheap for a good clutch setup.
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    Another vote for LS7.

    I have had the centerforce DF and it did not hold up well being a daily driven car that crawls through traffic jams alot. If you do any of this type of driving i do not suggest the CF at all!

    I replaced it after about 5k miles and went to an LS7 clutch/flywheel.
    So far I am very happy with it, no chatter, pedal does not feel stiff, grabs very well.

    95% of my driving is stop and go city driving and this clutch is much more user friendly than others i have tried. Ive driven a TA with a textralia clutch as well... which is AWESOME for race type driving, but i would not want it in my car for DD. Too much chatter

    Cliffnotes: LS7 FTW!

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