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clutch bleed

This is a discussion on clutch bleed within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Well today im going to bleed my clutch using the ranger method. After taking a look into my clutch fluid ...

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    clutch bleed

    Well today im going to bleed my clutch using the ranger method. After taking a look into my clutch fluid for the first time since i both the car i notice that it was dark ass hell, So i decide to bleed it. My question is wen using the ranger method do i suck all the fluid out or do i leave some in? I don't want to get air in the system.

    also im trying to fix a clutch problem. i install a clutch not to long ago after the instillation the clutch did not want to engage, the pedal was really hard to push down almost like it would kick back at you and it would not go into gear. Well after pumping it for several times it finally went into gear and after driving it for a while it started to get better i say is been over 10 months now with the clutch it drives now but wen i try to shift like at 5k rpm it does not shift it does not power shift at all also wen i try to down shift the gear does not want to go in i have to rev match it in order for the gear to go in smooth. What do you guys think the problem is? the slave? master cylinder, fly wheel, or air in the system?

    i replace the clutch system, but not the flywheel, slave, or master.

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    i think the ranger method is where you just get it out of the reservoir, and go through a few cycles of adding/pumping to mix it up/removing. but i think you only remove what's in the reservoir..

    as for the other problem, not sure but i think the master and slave cyls are generally culprits.

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    probaly the slave, they are pretty crappy from the factory best one out there is the Tick system. cause even if you do the drill mod, if it does work it will not last lolng and you will have issues again.

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