my vette has 9,000 miles on it. when i frist got it i want to see how well it would smoke the tires at (500 miles on the od). well being a rookie at this i popped the clutch at 3,000 rpms and reved up to the the limit, engine surged and i let off thinking i was spinning the tires. not the cased. i had this terrible smell which was the clutch burning i assumed. never gave it a second thought. last year i again tried to smoke the tires from a dead stop at 3,000 rms,s and the same thing happened.
at a 10mph roll it will spin the tires but at a stop it seems the clutch will not grab, is this normal??

currenlt i have no clutch problems, car will take off at 10-20 mph and spin the tires and go. in any gear at 3,000 rpm's in grabs and goes
car is stock ,but will be back from the shop with 500hp in about a week

with burnig the clutch twice could i have damaged the clutch plates or can the clutch survive what has already been done.??

why wont it grab if i dump it at 3,000 rpm at a stop??? i dont want to try it a 3rd time