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Bleeding the Clutch

This is a discussion on Bleeding the Clutch within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I know this is an old subject but I need to ask again. I have a 1998 Z28. The pedal ...

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    Question Bleeding the Clutch

    I know this is an old subject but I need to ask again. I have a 1998 Z28. The pedal stuck to the floor and I discovered that there was no fluid in the reservoir. I filled and pumped and it seamed ok. Then I had one incident when it was cold out and the pedal stuck again. Fluid level was fine and no leaks have been discovered. I looked at an article that someone posted about bleeding the clutch. It mentioned that you cannot see the bleeder, you need to follow the line up from the trans and feel for the bleeder. Well, I finally got this thing on a lift and I cannot find a bleeder anywhere. I can see all the way up to just before the master and there is no bleeder. I looked down from the top to see if the bleeder was at the master and there is nothing there either. Any thoughts?

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    The bleeder is on the slave cylinder located in the bellhousing in the trans. find the quick disconnect where the steel braided line goes into the trans, and go straight up from there....should be a 7/16 fitting

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    I was able to blead my clutch with a short 3/8" breaker bar and a 12mm socket. A pain to get on the bleader valve but when you do it goes pretty smooth.

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