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Bellhousing Removal

This is a discussion on Bellhousing Removal within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I have been fighting with this thing for 2 days and I really can't find any info out there. The ...

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    Bellhousing Removal

    I have been fighting with this thing for 2 days and I really can't find any info out there. The bellhousing is stuck on the engine and I cannot remove it. I took all the bolts off, even the one way at the top, sprayed it all down with PB over the course of a few days and still nothing.

    Does anybody have any tricks with this? I don't want to damage the bell by pounding too hard or wedging too much.... Thanks for your time and ideas.

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    There are 4(if I remember correctly, could be 6 or 8 even) dow pins that hold the bellhousing in place. Once you get it off the pins, you will be home free. Thats what is holding it in place though.


    I just realized you are a manual tranny, I would assume the T56 has the pins too, but don't have personal experience with a manual bellhousing. Hopefully a T56 guy will come in here and confirm or correct me.

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    There are dowel pins that can make removing the bell housing a pain. Cut a couple of 2x4 peices into wedges and work them into each side.

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    I dunno maybe try putting a few of bolts back in and warm up the engine some. Then go @ it again while it's still warm.. Or try heating the lip of the bell with a propane torch some.. Not hot but warm working it around the lip..

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