Hey whats up, I've got a 2001 Camaro, when i bought it still under warranty the clutch return spring was broken so they replaced it, but i don't know if the plastic bushing was also broken and replaced or if they used the same one. But now its been a while ago, the plastic bushing broke and i'm trying to get one or find something else to replace it, or some other solution you all might know of to have a firm pedal all the way.

I know it doesn't really need it, but it kinda helps, i would like the pedal to be firm all throughout the stroke of it, someone told me to just cut a piece of rubber hose and put that in place but i don't think that would work out too well because the way the plastic bushing is made it seems it would slide and pivot better on the bushing and it wouldn't move much at all on a rubber hose causing it to stick a little on the release of the pedal like it does now. The metal fork part that holds the plastic bushing has 2 bumps, one on the top and one on the bottom that holds the bushing in place and i think the spring is rubbing on one of them and catching causing it to stick a little on the return and now its been so long since i've thought about finding that bushing i think there might be a little groove in the fork part.

Right now nothing is there except the spring and the metal part that holds the bushing and after a while that metal to metal contact is gonna wear a groove into the return spring and eventually wear the spring enough for it to break. BUT to my question... finally...lol Do any of you know how i can get that little plastic bushing that holds that center loop on the spring. I know i can get it at the dealer only if i buy the complete pedal assembly for like $150 but have any of you had that bushing break on you? And if so what was your solution to the problem? Or were you able to just get the plastic bushing somewhere? I've been trying plastics company's around town to see if they could make a copy of a good one if i can get one, but one place i've tried so far said they can't. They make the plastic then cut it out with a router and this would just be too small for that. I don't know if there is any place that could make a template from this and then make copies from the template?

After i get this fixed i'm gonna sell the car because its a 5 speed, sixer and i'm going after a Supercharged SS 6 speed. And i don't want potential buyers driving the car and complain that there is a problem with the clutch pedal sticking half way on the return and like 10 seconds later finally returning all the way, unless you bring it back up with your toe. With the pedal sticking like that it also makes the car kinda lunge forward because its not releasing smoothly like it should. Also if i get the SS and it has the same problem or later on down line it breaks too, i want to have a spare. So let me know what kinda problems you all have encountered... I know i'm not alone on this! ...lol

Here is a picture of the return spring, a broken bushing, and a new bushing...