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1996 T/A 6 speed/rear end questions,

This is a discussion on 1996 T/A 6 speed/rear end questions, within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Anyone have trouble with a 6 speed hard to get into and stay in reverse? It seems like it barely ...

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    1996 T/A 6 speed/rear end questions,

    Anyone have trouble with a 6 speed hard to get into and stay in reverse? It seems like it barely goes into reverse, not a solid feel at all, and pops out of reverse sometimes. All other gears are fine. I got a copy of the 96 GM trans diagnosis manual and it says the reverse lockout could be bad. Anyone see this go bad on theirs? Also, what type of performance gain do you guys think I would see with my 350 horse-supercharged car going from a 3:42 to a 4:10? (I'm assuming the car has a 3:42 in it now). Also, how high does a 4:10 rev to at 70 MPH or so? Thanks for the help.


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    A bad reverse solenoid will not cause your problem. Solenoids nearly never go bad. A malfunctioning solenoid is more likely an electrical/ control issue. If it were malfunctioning it would result in very high efforts to get into the reverse gate but it would not cause a jump out. A jump out is more likely due to worn reverse driven gear clutch teeth, worn synchronizer sleeve teeth,bent shift fork, worn shift fork pads or all of these things.

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