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1-2/2-3 grind

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    1-2/2-3 grind

    New to the forum, and to the 98 camaro SS (M6) i just picked up.
    Great car,lots of power, and in fantastic condition.Love it I'm coming from a 2003 Lexus IS300. Its nice to have some real power for a change. (even at the exspence of luxury)

    Now my problem.
    high rpms in 1st gear with an aggressive shift to second will result in lots of gear grinding. Second to third shift is the same way, high rpm fast shifts result in grinding. slower, or even a half second pause between gears will allow a smooth shift. Oddly the trans will grind sometimes in the same gears, just rolling around town at 2-3k RPM's, but that is intermittant. Anything other than worn syncros this could be?Im planning a trans teardown, to replace the syncros and whatever else i can find worn. I just want to make sure im not overlooking somthing easy first.
    This has probably been posted befor, but i searched and couldnt find it.

    Also, the car has some ghey white ball shift knob on a shifter with throws longer than my hangdown. Can i buy the hurst shifter from a GM dealer and install or is there more to it? (I have access to dealer parts at cost, thats why I ask)
    Any aftermarket setups that are better? I need a shift knob as well. (a solid well weighted leather knob perferably)
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    Tore the trans apart today.
    lots of wear on the syncros, 1-2 syncro appears almost useless, and 3-4 is pretty chewed up. Syncro rebuild kits dont come with the entrie syncro, just some of the guts. Mine are wasted and need replacement, also second gear syncro teeth are trashed, meaning I need that gear as well. Through work, i get cost on GM parts, but they still come up to 950.00 in parts! yikes.
    Anyplace to get cheaper syncro parts and 2nd (driven) gear?
    Im calling D&D tomarrow, hopefully they can help me out.

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    No help here on the parts thing-just a suggestion-try a Pro 5.0 shifter or another aftermarket type-the stock ones are too rubbery and long throw.

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    what about the forks?! may aswell upgrade those to the high density ones.

    i'm amazed, and feel bad that you had to rip your tranny apart after only owning it for such a short time.

    How many miles are on your car b/c i think i'll have to do that to mine eventually.

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    I had the same problem with my tranny. Had it rebuilt with carbon synchros, viper T56 main bearings and input shaft as well as new gears. Love the tranny, break in was a PITA but once it was set, it's nice to shift. I also have a Hurst Pro Billet shifter with a short stick. I definately recomment a new short shifter. I'm happy with the hurst and glad I did it

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    stupid doubble post.
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    I've had it back together for a few days now. Trans shifts smooth, and quiet. Having the ability to shift at high RPM's makes this car much more fun to drive, not to mention much faster.
    I installed :
    Upgraded shift forks, carbon syncros (with rebuild kit) two entire new syncro assembly's (the outter most part of the syncros teeth were wasted)
    (the 1/2 and 3/4 syncros) should have replaced 5/6 as well, but hey money aint free. Also had to replace 2nd gear, as the syncro teeth on that were totally flat. The rebuild isnt all that hard, if you keep everything in order, and only takes all of 4 hours or so. All said and done ive got under 1,000 buck into the trans. Bought everything through D&D performance. Definatly reccomend them. great price and customer service. A short shifter will be up next, but i need to recover from this parts bill first.
    on a side note, (not that its a big shock) a guy I work with is always razzing me about how fast his "built" (supposedly punched and stroked) 89 Mustang GT is. I crushed his ego today 5 times in a row. he never had a chance.
    My car has 66,500 miles on it, probably a lot of abuse, prior to my ownership.

    D&D sells each syncro and 2nd gear for 149.99 each.
    GM dealer sells each syncro for a bit over 500 bucks each.
    i was quoted 345 each at employee cost.

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    Whats D&D number im having the same problem with my 98 SS

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    Ph#(248) 735-6220
    website is m

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02z28ls1
    No help here on the parts thing-just a suggestion-try a Pro 5.0 shifter or another aftermarket type-the stock ones are too rubbery and long throw.

    And you decided to post this why ??

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    Sounds like you need to do the drill mod if you havent already. Your Hydralic pressure seems low to me, and this is normally the culprit, its designed in the line from teh factory, even with aftermarket lines. -Tim

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