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what are my stock gears?

This is a discussion on what are my stock gears? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; went to the track for the first time ever, and i have a 99 z28, t-tops. it was 101 degrees ...

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    what are my stock gears?

    went to the track for the first time ever, and i have a 99 z28, t-tops. it was 101 degrees out that day and i was runnin about 14.2 averages. i was trapping these times at 102 mph, while there was another z just like mine getting 13.8s and runnin 98 mph. ppl keep askin me what gears i am runnin, from what i know the car is still stock and i dont know what gears im runnin. the a4 trans. runs about 1700 rpms at 70mph. i get 25 mpg. any help with what gears im running would be awesome, also what gears SHOULD i run for better times

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    What are your RPO codes by your driver side door?

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    Most likely 2.73's with those rpms

    Don't change the gears. Get a torque converter.
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    I would bet 2.73's. I myself am ditching the 2.73's and going with 3.42's, I did notice a difference and catch rubber into second, cant wait to go back to the track. Alot of people say go with 3.73's, which would be great but until I get the computer reprogrammed, I am running 10 miles more on the speedo which results in adding more miles on the o.d. and also worsens gas m.p.g. that much more, $3.27 a gallon here for the right stuff. Yes a stall is a must in the near future and u should think about one..somewhere around 2600 to 3000 if your going to stick with bolt ons. A special note, if u do have 2.73's and want to upgrade more than 3.08, which you might as well if your going to do it, do it right, your going to have to go to a series 3 carrier as well, u can go to ebay for alot of stuff like that. If u call a chevy dealer and talk to a parts guy give him your vin, in minutes he can tell u what gears u have. have fun!!

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    GU2 - 2.73, GU5 - 3.23. Gotta remember it was HOT, and your first time.

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